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Floor Hockey

A program d
esigned for motor skills development where participants will be introduced to the sport of floor hockey (on our basketball court).  Players will go through fun activities around floor hockey such as stick handling, ball handling, and shooting.  Part of the class the players learn the skills of the game followed by game play.  All classes are 45 minutes long and each session is 6 weeks.  Please wear light clothing and sneakers.  Download our Youth Program overview document to view the schedule for all weekday programs.

All floor hockey classes are held at our facility at 500 Potash Hill Road, Tyngsboro


Floor Hockey: Saturday Classes

 (6 Week Sessions)   $105



Saturday (8:30AM)                    11/30 - 01/11* @ Potash Hill Road                                Register Here!



Saturday (9:30AM)                    11/30 - 01/11* @ Potash Hill Road                                Register Here!


*Skips 12/28 



     Fall Weekday Floor Hockey: ( 6 Week Sessions )   $105      


Mondays (12:30PM)                        10/21 - 11/25 @ Potash Hill Rd.                 (not running)
                                                         12/02 - 01/20 @ Potash Hill Rd.**            Call to register                                           

Tuesdays (11:15AM)                                 10/22 - 11/26 @ Progress Ave.                                       (not running)

                                                                    12/03 - 01/21 @ Progress Ave.**

Tuesdays (12:30PM)                                 10/22 - 11/26 @ Potash Hill Rd.                                    (Not running)

                                                                    12/03 - 01/21 @ Potash Hill Rd.**                                 Call to register


Thursdays (12:30PM)                               10/24 - 11/21 @ Progress Ave.*                                     (not running)

                                                                   12/05 - 01/23 @ Progress Ave.**

Thursdays (1:30PM)                                  10/24 - 11/21 @ Potash Hill Rd.*                                    (not running)
                                                                             12/05 - 01/23 @ Potash Hill Rd. **                                 Call to register


*5 weeks...$88

**Skips 12/23-12/27 and 12/30-01/03



Cost is $105 (Plus a $15 yearly membership fee)

Call us at the center at 978-649-9393 with any questions.

Online registration is available up to 3 days prior to the start of class.  Space may still be available so call the center and we may be able to sign your child up over the phone.

Class already start?  Call us, there may be room and we may be able to pro-rate the fee.

All players must have a Center membership to play (this may be done when registering by mail or online for the program).  For more details, please check out our
membership page


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Tyngsboro Sports Center, 500 Potash Hill Rd, Tyngsboro, MA 01879